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Most Recent Questions
Recent Question:
What are the physical dimensiond of the panel please?
Recent Question:
Will be overseas for six to seven months ,can it be left that long
Recent Question:
Is this suitable for charging/maintenance of deep cycle leisure batteries
Recent Question:
fixed charge controler & over charge protection
Recent Question:
I'm after an adaptor to Connect a mobile Nebulizer (porta-neb), would this be suitable
Questions with Most Recent Answers
Why can't you fix it it the (-) terminal on the battery when it's charging in the car
Cam I leave the charger connected when I drive the car?
Use on mobility scooter battery?

Car Battery Chargers Q & A

70 Questions : 97 Answers
Recent Question:
Is this suitable for Mazda MX5 Roadster?
32 Questions : 45 Answers
Recent Question:
my battery is fully discharged will this charger work
24 Questions : 44 Answers
Recent Question:
Will this jump start my motor home, Fiat Ducato 2.3ltr turbo diesel and do you need to plug it into the mains to do this
16 Questions : 34 Answers
Recent Question:
Can this water be used in a steam generator iron to prevent scaling.
26 Questions : 29 Answers
Recent Question:
can i run lights radio etc direct from the battery with this panel connected to the battery
22 Questions : 27 Answers
Recent Question:
Would I have to disconnect my car battery when using this on a trickle charge
11 Questions : 26 Answers
Recent Question:
The charger seems to have become stuck in the 'recondition' phase while charging. What does this mean?
10 Questions : 15 Answers
Recent Question:
Can you use it for diesel engines?
7 Questions : 13 Answers
Recent Question:
Would this work laid on the fascia inside a vehicle with fluorescent lights shining in through the windscreen in a communal underground car park?
9 Questions : 11 Answers
Recent Question:
Does this charge come with a cigar lighter attachment rather than crocodile clips
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