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Most Recent Questions
Recent Question:
What are the physical dimensiond of the panel please?
Recent Question:
Will be overseas for six to seven months ,can it be left that long
Recent Question:
Is this suitable for charging/maintenance of deep cycle leisure batteries
Recent Question:
fixed charge controler & over charge protection
Recent Question:
I'm after an adaptor to Connect a mobile Nebulizer (porta-neb), would this be suitable
Questions with Most Recent Answers
Why can't you fix it it the (-) terminal on the battery when it's charging in the car
Cam I leave the charger connected when I drive the car?
Use on mobility scooter battery?
Will be overseas for six to seven months ,can it be left that long
my battery is fully discharged will this charger work

Car Battery Chargers Q & A

70 Questions : 97 Answers
Recent Question:
Is this suitable for Mazda MX5 Roadster?
32 Questions : 45 Answers
Recent Question:
my battery is fully discharged will this charger work
24 Questions : 44 Answers
Recent Question:
Will this jump start my motor home, Fiat Ducato 2.3ltr turbo diesel and do you need to plug it into the mains to do this
16 Questions : 32 Answers
Recent Question:
Can this water be used in a steam generator iron to prevent scaling.
26 Questions : 29 Answers
Recent Question:
can i run lights radio etc direct from the battery with this panel connected to the battery
22 Questions : 27 Answers
Recent Question:
Would I have to disconnect my car battery when using this on a trickle charge
11 Questions : 26 Answers
Recent Question:
The charger seems to have become stuck in the 'recondition' phase while charging. What does this mean?
10 Questions : 15 Answers
Recent Question:
Can you use it for diesel engines?
7 Questions : 13 Answers
Recent Question:
Would this work laid on the fascia inside a vehicle with fluorescent lights shining in through the windscreen in a communal underground car park?
9 Questions : 11 Answers
Recent Question:
Does this charge come with a cigar lighter attachment rather than crocodile clips
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