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Recent Question:
Which type of mudguards are suitable for this bike and do Halfords sell them?
Recent Question:
Do you need to have a carrier on your bike to attach this seat ?
Recent Question:
may I use this for vauxhall antara? if no, can explain why. thank you
Recent Question:
Does the seat recline at all?
Recent Question:
When will the 18" model be available to order
Questions with Most Recent Answers
does it have fixing bolts etc or are they extra
How does it work. I have one and my road bike keeps falling over becuase the stand doesn't seem stable enough
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Cycling Q & A

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Recent Question:
Does this come with a quick release for the back wheel to put in before you put it on the trainer?
211 Questions : 224 Answers
Recent Question:
does this fit on a ladies raleigh bike or does it have to be a unisex bike?
124 Questions : 176 Answers
Recent Question:
I am getting a tow bar fitted for the Thule 9403 what type of pin socket do i need?
88 Questions : 119 Answers
Recent Question:
are the stickers removable from the frame ?
79 Questions : 115 Answers
Recent Question:
Can the cycle carrier be removed from the tow bar when not in use
82 Questions : 106 Answers
Recent Question:
Can 1 person fit the bike on roof carrier?
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