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What size is this? I know they come in two sizes but can't which this is...
Is this a folding or wire beaded tyre?
Is this the Mountain King or Mountain King II tyre?
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Cycling Q & A

104 Questions : 225 Answers
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Does this come with a quick release for the back wheel to put in before you put it on the trainer?
211 Questions : 225 Answers
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Trax TFS.1 Womens Full Suspension Mountain Bike
20 Questions : 102 Answers
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how does the computer detach?
58 Questions : 96 Answers
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What type and power is the battery Why can no one answer this question
69 Questions : 82 Answers
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Can this trailer be used with horizontal dropouts?
19 Questions : 70 Answers
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Will Continental contact 26 x 1.75 fit on Carrera Vulcan Disc Spec
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