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Recent Question:
Does this work wiv a standard mountain bike
Recent Question:
what colours does this bike come in?
Recent Question:
What is the weight of this bike?
Recent Question:
Would the Bellelli child bike seat fit onto a barracuda Indiana ladies bike with fitted pannier rack
Recent Question:
Please can you tell me if i use two big or two small rubber rings when fitting this to my bike thankyou
Questions with Most Recent Answers
my daughter is about 5.8 / 5.9 inches tall, is 19" too big for her
Hi I am 5.7 inches tall is 19" the right size or too big.
can you higher the handlebars on this bike?
How to I check the frame size of a current bike I own - want to get bake the same size. Where to you measure from/to
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Cycling Q & A

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Recent Question:
Does this come with a quick release for the back wheel to put in before you put it on the trainer?
203 Questions : 217 Answers
Recent Question:
will this fit a FELT QX70 58CM hybrid with 700c wheels?
114 Questions : 166 Answers
Recent Question:
I am getting a tow bar fitted for the Thule 9403 what type of pin socket do i need?
59 Questions : 117 Answers
Recent Question:
Does the bike come completely unassembled?
80 Questions : 114 Answers
Recent Question:
are the stickers removable from the frame ?
69 Questions : 105 Answers
Recent Question:
Can the cycle carrier be removed from the tow bar when not in use