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Most Recent Questions
Recent Question:
Which type of mudguards are suitable for this bike and do Halfords sell them?
Recent Question:
When will the 18" model be available to order
Recent Question:
What is the dimensions of the delivery box
Questions with Most Recent Answers
what pedals are come with the road comp
Does the Somerby LE Hybrid come in a 16" size?
is this bike ok foe me i weigh sixteen and a half stone

Bikes Q & A

31 Questions : 43 Answers
Recent Question:
i'm 5ft 6, will the carrer\ virtuso road bike meduim 51 cm be the right size?also 14 years of age
7 Questions : 7 Answers
Recent Question:
Are you expecting any more 57.5 cm size bikes in of this make?
17 Questions : 22 Answers
Recent Question:
can a woman use this bike? if not why?
13 Questions : 20 Answers
Recent Question:
Is the seat post clamp quick release, as in your picture?
25 Questions : 37 Answers
Recent Question:
Dose this bike suit a 16/17 year old boy
56 Questions : 77 Answers
Recent Question:
Why is the large version of this bike 54cm and most other large bikes (including the carrera tdf) are 58-59cm?
5 Questions : 5 Answers
Recent Question:
Quick Release Front Wheel ?
7 Questions : 9 Answers
Recent Question:
What age is this bike suitable for?
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