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Most Recent Questions
Recent Question:
Do halfords do bike fitting where you come in and you set the handle bar height seat height etc
Recent Question:
what type of warranty is with the VooDoo bikes?
Recent Question:
Directional arrows on this bikes tyres?
Recent Question:
What are best mudguards to fit to this bike please
Recent Question:
Can I pay for the bike weekly and then pick it up wnen paid for
Questions with Most Recent Answers
What is the internal rim width on the wheels on this bike?
Can the handle bars height be adjusted and if so can you give specific details?
What age group is this bike suitable for?
What weight is the Apollo ridge?
Can a triple chain set be fitted and if so what parts do I need?

Bikes Q & A

22 Questions : 30 Answers
Recent Question:
how do you raise the handle bars on this model
10 Questions : 14 Answers
Recent Question:
Apollo Ridge boys mountain bike with 24inch heavy is it please? ie. the weight of the bike?
19 Questions : 21 Answers
Recent Question:
Is it easy to fit bar ends to this bike if so which brand ?
6 Questions : 6 Answers
Recent Question:
I'm 5ft 4in, would this be the riight size frame to order? Thanks :)
4 Questions : 3 Answers
Recent Question:
Apollo Vivid Pink and Blue version
26 Questions : 35 Answers
Recent Question:
i'm 5ft 6, will the carrer\ virtuso road bike meduim 51 cm be the right size?also 14 years of age
16 Questions : 23 Answers
Recent Question:
I am 5ft 7" Is this bike too big for me?