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Most Recent Questions
Recent Question:
Will these fit a T25 V W Camper van 1990
Recent Question:
Can I fix this myself and whould I need a spanner to connect the rings?
Recent Question:
I have a 03 reg vauxhall Astra envoy van'will these wheel trims fit it?
Recent Question:
Would the Turin wheel trims fit on a van?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
Can I fix this myself and whould I need a spanner to connect the rings?
would these fit a vauxhall corsa c 2008
Will these trims fit a VW T4 van with 15"srandard wheels as the rims stick out slightly

Wheel Trims Q & A

9 Questions : 16 Answers
Recent Question:
Do you have to inform your insurance company of them?
9 Questions : 15 Answers
Recent Question:
Can you confirm whether 'Set of 4' means just one Wheel Trim ?
4 Questions : 8 Answers
Recent Question:
Is there any reinforcing metal round the rim of the wheel trims?
6 Questions : 7 Answers
Recent Question:
iv got a mini cooper s will any locking wheel nut fit
3 Questions : 4 Answers
Recent Question:
Do the trims have a steel ring to hold in place?
3 Questions : 3 Answers
Recent Question:
Do the Halfords Advance Seville 14 inch wheel trims fit a 2008 VW Polo
2 Questions : 3 Answers
Recent Question:
do I need to buy 4 no. for each wheet trim?
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