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Most Recent Questions
Recent Question:
Would this Halfords Roof Bar System a fit a mk5 Ford Fiesta 1.25 1242 3 door 2000 model year
Recent Question:
Roof bar question for my 2014 Vauxhall Insignia Hatchback
Recent Question:
HI Just seen a roof box 250L just wondering if it will fit Citreon Xara KJ05 ULN
Recent Question:
Will this fit a Ford S-MAX 2010 and do you need the 3030 fixpoint XT kit?
Recent Question:
Does this roof box fit the 2002 Audi TT Coupe?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
Will this box be ok to put on the roof of a vw touran 2005 7 sweater
Do I need to buy a separate fitting kit or does it come with everything I need? my car has roof rails but they have never been used
maximum distance between roof bars
what is the max speed you can do with these roof bars had some in the passed that you are only advised to do 50mph.
how many are in a package?And how wide is .
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Roof Bars & Boxes Q & A

106 Questions : 113 Answers
Recent Question:
the distance between my roof bars is 820mm will this box be suitable
114 Questions : 102 Answers
Recent Question:
Requires a fitting kit for your car (sold separately)
87 Questions : 86 Answers
Recent Question:
I need a replacement key for this system so that I can remove the roof bars from my car. I cant find the product anywhere online.
76 Questions : 81 Answers
Recent Question:
Will it fit a Toyota Rav4?
66 Questions : 78 Answers
Recent Question:
i have a 2010/11 Toyota verso and it has no bars. Does this box come as a complete kit.
49 Questions : 47 Answers
Recent Question:
Will it fit on thule wing bar 961 on a mk4 3 door vw golf?
27 Questions : 43 Answers
Recent Question:
What additional staps etc do i need to purchase with the Thule soft roof box- already have roof bars
43 Questions : 41 Answers
Recent Question:
I've lost the keys to the box
34 Questions : 41 Answers
Recent Question:
what is maximum speed i can drive at using the roof box when full/empty?
6 Questions : 35 Answers
Recent Question:
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